There is a unique, dreamlike quality and sensibility that Kou brings to her work and life as a whole. Nature always sparks her creative impulse, from inside out. By following the natural guide, Kou finds inspiration in the seemingly minuscule technical details of design: a hand-sewn button, embroidery, and creating exclusive hand stitched pieces. Her work, at its core, depends on classic couture techniques and an appreciation for textiles as an art form. Her entire career has been a journey of understanding the artistry of slow fashion and fully realizing these qualities in her own collections. The countless hours spent on knitting a garment into the night have instilled in Kou perseverance, but it has also helped her to realize the psychological, emotional, and spiritual effect clothing can have on humanity. Kou believes that human beings are intrinsically connected to the earth and to each other. Her work, in essence, seeks to reawaken an awareness of the self. It encourages you to slow down, breathe in, feel.

Kou keeps a mind to develop her every collection in a sustainable way, in this one, she explored a way to zero waste the fabrics by a new fabric manipulation method. Traditionally, zero waste has been more adopted on garments’ constructions, but since Kou is always interested in textile design, she turned her attention on fabrics themselves at this time. She created a new form of fabric which could not only re-used leftover fabric pieces but also presented them into an abundant mix-textured quality piece. The constructions in this collection are romantically dynamic. Layerings, pleats and a hint of ruffles gave each look a fluid movement, and while the fabrics were flowing, you could see small flower details swaying with them together which were hand made and attached on different spots on the garment.