My graduation collection called The End was inspired by Hollywood actress Marylin Monroe. Her life and person got so glamourized by the public, whilst in reality, she was very depressed. I thought this was such an interesting and tragic contrast, I wanted to translate this into garments. I used 50’s couture silhouettes and techniques as a base and aimed to de-glamourize these by implementing material and shape swaps. Whereas you would expect silk on a classically draped gown I would use a nasty green thin leather with rough-looking edges to visualize Monroe’s unhappiness.

After I have created a story outline for my collection I start draping right away. First I drape with existing garments and after I start draping from scratch. For me is like drawing but then in 3D, I like that I can reflect on the proportions right away. Once the main shape is there I try draping different fabrics overtop, to see what conveys my story the best. For example in the picture you see a white toile (the one with the wide hips) draped out of discarded tanktops, which is such an unglamourized piece of clothing. During my process, I try to see if I can elevate this garment by using it as a fabric a certain way. I also always fit the looks on myself to see how I would wear it myself.

This is my final collection line-up consisting out of nine looks.