Rachel Wu is a fashion womenswear knitwear designer based in China and London. She graduated from London College of Fashion Textiles Knit course with First Class Honour degree and now is studying her MA in Fashion Design in Royal College of Art. In her work, Rachel WU is committed to innovation and research on fabric materials, with a particular focus on garment construction design. Rachel Wu collaborated with men’s clothing brand Charles Jeffery and independently designed a series of excellent works which subsequently received consistently high praise. Rachel Wu switched to reach on future fabrics and women’s wear design with widely accepted achievements..

‘Lights; Human Health Spring/ Summer 2020 This collection comes from an interest in city living and the city at night. Focusing on light pollution and the disappearance of stars at night in the city sky, using electronic lights from playing phones, watching TV and working overnight with a computer, eyes becoming tired and bloodshot. Aggressive light reaches the eye, the pain like thousands of needles pricking the eyeball. Even in sleep, light still goes through eyelids, affecting sleep quality.

Through design and art, the issue of light pollution is raising an important hazardous element affecting humans’ health along with the environment. The light pollution effects on the body are as the feeling of pull from inside as if the light pollution is inside of body pulling inside out and bring the uncomfortable feeling. Finely knitted straps to add to garments that pull, strap and bind the body. Looking at disease and harm caused by pollution and want to tell people about this through the knitting. The collection is inspired by Hepworth sculpture where the human body was created into an abstract way – creating a space inside the objects with straight lines and pulling out of it. To create in the garment, the feeling of the inside body pulled out as the effect and feel of Barbara Hepworth’ work.