Radvilė Kudarauskaitė’s collection LINGER: Spindle’s End explores elements of daily reality being reshaped and distorted in dreams, transforming to illogical chains of events. Radvilė found a similar pattern in the origins of old fairy tales, like in Sleeping Beauty narrative by Giambatistta Basile. Gruesome details unfold to tell the twisted story.

The silhouettes are heavily influenced by traditional tailoring, office-wear and vintage lingerie, all coming together.

For her Pre-Collection LINGER: My Lil Scary Dream Diary, Radvilė based it on a tale of lies she wrote when she was a seven year old. She saw a similarity between a child’s imagination and nightmares. None of them make any sense, yet both are surreal and vivid. Radvilė was inspired to translate the daily reality, being reshaped in dreams, to womenswear.

The collection’s starting point was vintage lingerie research. The designer found that most of her old foundings did not look appealing and contemporary; therefore her vision was to elevate vintage lingerie to make it contemporary and quirky.