Radvilė Kudarauskaitė is a Lithuanian-born womenswear fashion designer based in London.

During her studies at Middlesex University, Radvilė explored sensuality and dystopian topics within her design work. The silhouettes are heavily influenced by traditional tailoring, office-wear and vintage lingerie, all coming together.

The designer was unable to finalise her graduate collection due to the pandemic, although she will strive to make it in the future using all resources possible.

Pre-collection LINGER: my-scary-lil-dream-journal is inspired by nightmare logging and odd concepts in dreams, sensuality, blurry silhouettes and distorted reality. It is spiced up with influences from nightwear & lingerie.

Graduate collection LINGER: Spindle’s End explores elements of daily reality being reshaped and distorted in dreams, transforming to illogical chains of events. Radvilė found a similar pattern in the origins of old fairy tales, like in Sleeping Beauty narrative by Giambatistta Basile. Gruesome details unfold to tell the twisted story.