Ramune Raslaviciute, also known as RAMNRA is determined to raise awareness on sustainability and definition of gender within her AW19/20 collection, which focuses on ocean pollution.

RAMNRA deep interest in sustainability also resulted in a dissertation about newly developed sustainable bio-textiles.

Lithuanian born Ramune starts her career as a designer in Britain, at the University of West London, studying BA Fashion Design and Textiles. Being an activist, as well as a designer she is staying true to her vision for gender fluid sartorial classics with a romantic punk attitude while also highlighting the issue of plastic and oil pollution in our oceans by using garments which resemble of oil spills and plastic found in the bottom of the ocean.


The melancholic and dark feeling in this collection is inspired by the character of a fallen angel Lucifer. The angel is described as not having a defined gender. The idea to explore the concept of gender in this collection comes from the Christian religion, as religious pictures in designer’s grandparents house show seemingly unisex angel figures. Fallen Pacific is used as a name for the collection due to the connection between fallen angel Lucifer, who had no defined gender and the catastrophe which our oceans are facing at the moment due to pollution from plastic and oil. It shows the irony that even though the oil is running out, the plastic, which is made from oil, instead of being replaced by alternatives, with the decreasing oil resources in mind, is staying in our oceans unused for a long time and slowly killing the marine life, and the people are dividing between the idea of gender but not focusing on what is killing us all - pollution.