Ravina Kazim’s final collection is a visual representation ‘of the power and beauty of an Afghan woman”. She shows this by using a juxtaposition of hard materials such as metal against soft delicate materials like lace, to show this in its beauty. She began the journey by looking into her mother's past, her youth and how life was for Afghan women pre-taliban. Then used this research as well as her love of sculpture, to create 3D shapes and silhouette encompassing her idea of the essence of an afghan woman.

These then flowed into the process, of her taking the flat shapes from the research and converting them into 3D structures and shapes. This took a lot of on-stand mannequin work and manifested on the form itself.

Ravina then further developed these ideas by playing around with different opposing materials to create harmony, such as the hard and structural boning, threaded through the delicate laces and organza. She decided on a colour palette which would work in parallel the juxtaposing materials, with a mixture of nudes and transparent, against blacks and dark browns.

This is Ravina’s final collection line up, front and back. She was only able to create one of the garments from her collection due to the coronavirus pandemic. The rest of the collection will be continued to be making and will be showed through her social media pages and website. The collection will also include a colour palette with a mixture of nudes and transparent, against blacks and dark browns. The use of different shades of pony skin with lace will be continued to be used in the collection.