Raydian Chew is a recently graduated Women & Menswear designer based in London.

He started to incorporate intricacies and details around Malaysian tradition, by making them the central story behind his collections. This inclusion of traditional Malaysian craft details become a way of sending a message to the consumer, and underlying the importance of engaging with cultural traditions. The need and importance to value one’s heritage, tradition, craft and quality should be encouraged so that we remember where we came from. Don’t let traditions be like the kite’s flight, a beautiful experience which can end ever so abruptly by just letting the string slip through our fingers.

Flight of Nostalgia is Raydian's 2020 Womenswear Capsule Collection. The collection revolves around the concept of Wau, dissecting the ideology of the Malaysian kite, making its intricate motifs and bringing elements with emphasis in contemporary designs. Inspirations for the beauty of Malaysian crafts are then broken down into several perspectives: from the texture of fabric manipulation; to 3D construction, incorporated into the collection.