Rebecca Aydons collection was heavily influenced by the mid 20th century; the government model for WWII was to ‘Make do and Mend’, which forced society to be more sustainable. Clothing was more valued, made to last, passed down the generations, repaired, mended and re-purposed. The classic, romanticism of the 1950’s period is heavily portrayed through the profile and detail of this era, and Rebecca has communicated this narrative in her design and silhouette.

Rebecca is passionate about re-using beautiful fashion details; the old, discarded “unwanted” clothing often contains charming treasures such as buttons, lace, trims and even boning. Rebecca found these old features beautiful and captivating, leading her to start building her collection around these. Wanting to preserve the circular fashion framework, not only in protecting our planet but in maintaining the many beautiful and designed details that form part of our history and visual vocabulary as makers and consumer, Rebecca decieded to create her collection fully out of second hand and vintage materials.


Finally, rejecting comercially available chemical based dyes, Rebecca engaged with nature to create her own plant-based dyestuffs, sourced and produced locally and without toxicity. The combination of saturated colour and precious details influenced Rebeccas collection heavily leading her to create a fusion of extremley feminine, heavily detailed garments whilst being suprisingly sustainable.