Rebecca set the mood by incorporating her own experience and stories as part of an initial concept, such as foreign travel, for example the concept for her collection was inspired by a visit to the ‘Kunglia Slotten’ or Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden. The overly ornate and magnificent state rooms of the palace oozed luxe and excess; colour coordinated interiors in regal reds and greens and hanging with tapestries were edged in an overabundance of gold.

Her design process alway starts at the knitting machine; swatching inspired by research further into the mood set. She then bring swatches to a stand or photograph for collage and sketching. This helps her visualise how and where the knit can develop into garments.

It is important that Rebecca’s yarn choices have a real aura of excess to them as she worked with soft luxury wools, gold lurex and acetate mixes and fluffy alpaca and mohairs.

Drawing influence from silhouettes from the art deco era she challenged herself in re-creating these ideas in knitwear, imitating fabrication within knit and pattern cutting to work as fully fashioned knitted garments. Big fur trimmed coats in oversized cocoon silhouettes sit amongst flowing gold dresses. Long, finely tasseled garments create movement under more sturdy over scale pieces, embellished with appliquéd braids and chunky tassels.