Rebecca Moulton’s graduate collection ‘City of Métallon’ was influenced by human interaction with the urban environment. Growing up in cities she has always looked for features to recreate into interesting jewellery. The collection consists of simple, elegant pieces with structural elements and chain to create pieces that come to life when they are interacted with.

Rebecca uses photography and digital programs to explore her ideas. Elements that she finds in cities such as arches, lights and domes are recreated so we are able to carry features that we cannot usually take with us. She uses to reresent herself in the cities, her own hand physically hold parts of the city.

Rebecca explored her chosen materials of wire and box chain to see what shapes she could make and expand on. The movement of the chain was very important to her process. The chain provides flexibilty and the wire helps keep the formation of the shapes she has chosen to highlight.

These are digital renderings of the final collection. Rebecca hopes to bring her ‘City of Métallon’ collection to life and share her view of cities with others. The pieces will be created using sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold, chrysoprase and lapis stones.