Rebekah’ collection was inspired by the idea of creating a message through her work, she wanted to be able to make a difference with her work no matter how small. She wanted to solve an ongoing issue within the fashion and textiles industries by taking just small steps at a time to which could be taken onto a larger scale.

Recycling unwanted and scrap pieces of leather, Rebekah faced many challenges of how she would create something innovative from these misshaped leather scraps. Developing her skills as a textiles designer she used several technique and processes including hand dying (creative dying), weaving and interlocking, handmade print for layering foil & flock which added colour and dimension to the leather. As Rebekah was working with all shapes & sized leather, she had developed a way to create larger samples by cutting, weaving & interlocking stripes or squares together.

The idea of bags came from the fact the leather Rebekah had collected from the tannery was most suitable for bags and accessories. She had adapted classic bag shapes to keep the designs structured and yet still effective. Creating one off bags that could be sold as collectables or statement pieces, Rebekah is keen to show how versatile leather can be and how you can give any material a new life.