Within the realms of questioning reality, Prequel is a continuation from the designer’s 2019 F/W collection titled; To Be Continued. The collection; Prequel, is a tribute to the innocent minds of the youths, symbolically a little gift for the past from the present. Inspirations were taken from Rena’s personal life, such as an award-winning device invented by her cousin as a reminiscent of them penning down their aspirations back when they were kids. (Also In hopes that it serves as a good omen).

To and fro between past and present, motifs and patterns were developed and stylized from pendulum paintings. The textures and effects were achieved with the incorporation of tangible elements like 3D PU and debossed neoprene to enhance the notion of touch. Hence, expanding the relationship between the surface of the skin and the touch of cloth.

As quoted by Joi Gordon, confidence is not masculine. It’s structural, and structures can be feminine. In the collection, you can always identify femininity in structural attributes through textiles or silhouette. I.e the way how a delicate fabric can be structural or how a structured fabric can look delicate from the way it’s being shaped, draped, and/or embellished. The designer illustrated the device invented by her cousin with slender wavy lines without taking away the structural integrity of the device, and this illustration was developed into an emboss print for the SS20 Embossed Corset Shirt Dress.