Renee Kraaijvanger (23) from the Netherlands wanted to show with her collection her hidden personality. She had the feeling that she finally had figured out what she liked en how she want to express herself. She loves trashy things, a leopard print with diamonds and a lot of pink. She always fantasised about herself with a big pink poodle who has the most glamorous life. This fantasy with a huge dose of humour, while still heaving the feeling of glamour and high fashion is what my collection is about.

Renee enjoys creating and experimenting in a playful way to create new designs from here. By means of sketches and continuous adaptation she comes to special creations. For this collection she started from basic garments to experiment with. For example, by wearing and styling clothes in unusual ways and distorting details like oversized flannels. Renee’s quality is mainly in combining different textures, prints and colour fabrics. The imploding of fabrics, prints and colours are therefore often central to her designs. She definitely shows her guts here.

The official drawing of the collection shows the 9 looks side by side in line. It shows the shape, lots of volume and details. the chosen fabrics show Renee her powers how good she is at matching fabric prints and colours. The prints and colours make the collection a recognisable collection for her brand.
Look 1: This look is called the leopard dream. Renee’s biggest love is leopard print and she wanted one look in the collection that shows her obsession. The ruffles are all a different leopard print which create a rich golden colour. Look 2: The look exists two pieces, a corset and a cropped sweater. On the corset, there’s a moulage of a blouse that is attached to it. The cropped sweater falls beneath the breasts into the corset. In the look the accessory is a big part of the design. The accessory is like a big stuffed animal and is called George, Renee’s fantasy kings poodle. All in black and white colours for a big contrast in the collection.

Look 3: The look represent the lady of the collection. The outfit exists 3 types of clothes: a golden coat edited with black paint, a corset made of a destructive blouse moulage and a body with short legs with a beautiful light blue bow. Look 4: The look exists of a pink sweater with long cords to create 4 bows. This look is a combination of sport and a gala dress. Renee really like the idea of this kind of dresses on the red carpet. Sexy and defiantly a cool vibe.

Look 5: Cat woman in purple and pink. The look shows a lady with a furry animal with diamond nails surrounding her body. Look 6: The look is a second ruffle sweater look. Also with a leopard print, but this time in neon orange and neon pink. Renee wanted to make her own leopard print for this collection with the only rule that it must hurt the eyes and the pictures. A real recognizer for the True Collection.

Look 7: This look represent the girly girl, walking down the streets with her cute skirt and ripped jeans made into a top. This look stands for the customer of crow catcher label. It’s edgy, cool and sexy. Bold and a great use of colour and leopard print. The top is a great example for the concept of remaking clothes. This white jeans is made into a corset with sleeves.

Look 8: The sweet girl, taking her dog everywhere. puppy George is the greatest love in this collection ad thats what this look is all about. He has his own place in the skirt and his face all over it. Like puppy George this look has also a sexy side, showed with the leopard dress with neon green and diamond details.Together with the zebra glove with nails to die for. Look 9: The last look, the Green Ice Queen. The collection needed a big coat that every diva need with her diva walk. the coat is flared so it moves nicely with the wind and certainly by walking with attitude on the catwalk.