Ronnie Chan graduated from MA Jewellery of the Central Saint Martins College in 2013. Now he is a London-based jewellery designer and maker. his collection executes an interest in the contrast between the extravagance and opulence of the 17th century Baroque and the clarity and deceptive simplicity of 20th century Modernism. While contrasting in their expression both share an interest in conveying often idealised ideas through heightened visual sensation that can lead to spiritual association. It becomes a strong design language in Ronnie's design.

A - Interviewer
B - Ronnie Chan

A - What made you decide to become a jewellery designer?
B - This is my interest. I like small and delicate objects, and want to wear them on my body

A - What inspires you when creating your design?
B - Historical insight. Because it contains meaningful story and development of humanity but also aesthetic appearance. My current project was inspired by the Baroque period.

A - How did you select the materials you used?
B - It is hard to give a conclusion. Mostly you will figure out the limitation of different materials after failures of several experiments.

A - Who are some other jewellery designers you admire?
B - A British jeweller, Shaun Leane. He truly knows what fashion jewellery and fine jewellery is.

A - Do you consider yourself an artist?
B - Yes, because I did something without consideration of the market.

A - How would you define your personal style?
B - Exaggerated but humble, complicated but simple. Everything is in contradiction but still in harmony.

A - What made you decide to stay in London instead of Hong Kong?
B - I like to stay here because of the variety of cultures. Here something always happens that surprises you. For example, you can see some so-called 'strange' people walking on the street. They will be appreciated for their bravery but not in Hong Kong.

A - Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
B - I think I am just at the beginning of jewellery making. I still have many things to learn. Perhaps I will be a successful jewellery maker.

A - What do you see in Hong Kong have that London doesn't have?
B - Hong Kong is a very convenient place. I can collect all materials in a short time. As geographic reason, I can get cheaper materials from Mainland China. I think it is a benefit for this competitive jewellery market.

A - How do you see the lifestyle in London compared to Hong Kong?
B - London is modern and vigorous; Hong Kong is speedy and material.