“Musafir” is a word in the Indian language, hindi, meaning ‘traveler’. This collection, by Rhea Sonawane, is inspired by a spiritual journey of an individual that begins with harrowing memories of the past and working towards achieving serenity in the future. She believes that life is a journey and we are the travelers looking for unexpected miracles along the way. But instead of waiting for these miracles we should strive to create a beautiful reality.

Rhea has explored various sustainability techniques in her collection by using bio- degradable, recylced fabrics, upcycling clothes and a zero waste process of creation that resuses deadstock fabric scraps to create textures and manipulations within the garments. Clo3D software is used for experiments and toiling to reduce calico waste.

The collection portrays a transition, not just in terms of colour and prints but also with silhouettes. The aesthetic of the collection shifts and progresses from being restrictive to free and comfortable drapes communicating the emotions of the journey.

Graduate Collection by Rhea Sonawane
BA Womenswear London College of Fashion 2020

Look 1 Design Development

Disruptive Elastics draping Technique

Developing a very restrictive and dark aesthetic with elastics on the right side of the garment that allow controlled movement for the initial stages of the journey. Draping with pleated panels and 1 inch and 0.5 cm wide elastics to create chaos in a garment. Pulling the elastic in the direction opposite to the pleats to create disruption in the flow of the pleats.

T-shirt Development - Upcycling discarded tshirts to create a product.

Using deadstock fabric to create a dress drape.

Serene Dress is the last look of the collection which represents the feeling of accomplishment and comfort. Using deadstock light jerseys in white, hand-dyed with tints of vintage blue to create the desired hue.