Fashion designer meets visual artist, Lamia Rady is a multidisciplinary self-taught fashion designer based in Cairo, Egypt.

At the ripe age of thirteen, lamia begun her journey towards establishing her own brand, teaching herself every step of the design and sewing process. Lamia sought her Visual Arts degree towards forming herself into a well-rounded artist and designer. Upon completion of a one year study abroad program at York University in Canada and graduation from the American University in Cairo, she sought her creative direction and styling career; for her it was another stepping stone of exploration in which she aimed to further form the aesthetic of her brand Rigash.

She established her brand and launched her first womenswear collection in 2020. Her collections aim to highlight one’s relationship to their personal body and how they experience it through her designs. Rady experiments with form and texture, whilst keeping a minimal color palette and aesthetic to her pieces. She primarily derives inspiration from her experiences and relationship to her personal body tied with the aesthetics of the minimalist movement and the legacy of her Egyptian heritage.