The initial idea of Rima Nishina’s graduate collection ‘Memoty loss/(Alzheimer’s)’ was from Japan's ageing population problems and Rima's memories of her own family. Increase in the number of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s is one of the big issues in Japan, and she started designing to help people discuss and face these negative issues in a positive way.

The colour palette of the collection is taken from photographs of Rima's childhood with her family, and the print used for a dress and a jumpsuit is a pictures of her father's memories of the good times.

Firstly, she started with deconstructing a suit jacket which was chosen as a symbol of daily reguration and an object imbued with an individual memory, and replaced the parts. Most human memories are experiential and fragmentary. Recalling past events, we intentionally access to the former memories in either long-term or short-term storage, and restore a semblance of the memory with the elements into which the memory was resolved. It was a primary idea of deconstruction and replacing; as a representation of the process of recollection. Based on this idea, the skirt and dress was made from the jacket sleeve parts.
This is Rima’s final lineups. Shemade the half of the collection come to life. The rest of the collection would of prodominately be constructed out of suit fabric and digital printed polyester (with her family photographs print on). Rima’s final line up illustrations have been made to look like how her mother and father used wear in the 80s to 90s.