While taking the journey of her final project, "Eating DNA - Why not eat knot?", She thought about what she can do and how she can explore this practice using knit as a tool after she gathered the information of the eating behaviour. By trying to draw without seeing to find where she is looking at both objectively and subjectively from her eating video, she realised her eating observation drawings have made tangles, knots.

It's taken the method of knot theory which is a mathematical theorem about knotting in order to understand their formations which embody numbers, structures and formulas. It is used for understanding DNA typologically and Criminal investigation to analyse criminals/people’s behaviour and characters. Thus, DNA is the form recording information of individuals' identities. Besides knot as itself, knot has meanings and names in traditional way when you look at crafts as well as practical functions. Hence, she created and found her own DNA: identities from her eating behaviour and the meals that contains information of her interpretation of knotting through knot theory.

The idea of development was formed considering how it is possible to re-inform her interpretation of eating DNA through products and materials. She developed milk protein yarn and crayons for colouring and drawing fabric/paper created from food and ethically sourced bee wax. Textile samples and her drawing collage represented the re-information of her eating codes as DNA, considering food display frames as cells.