Due to lockdown and having time to reflect on my graduate collection process i realised how much wastage of materials i had created during the making. and with the hopes of having my own business i turned my focus to trying to create a solution to the problems i was bothered with, within my business. I wanted to keep the unorthodox feeling i had captured with my graduate collection but with sustainable values and processes. This is how i began the rework collection which is currently on sale now and a forever growing collection of mine. As well as the re work collection i also developed a love for dyeing garments and have a small range of bleach dyed, ice dyed and tye dyed garments available on a made to order basis again trying to apply ways and process that will cut down on waste product and materials.

Dreamland sport re works are a commitment to upcycling, re using and re purposing all ready existing garments and using deadstock fabrics that people look past in the fabric stores. For a small brand with a whole lot of sustainable knowledge to still learn this is the first step in a big mission to do our bit for our planet.  While remaining fun, expressive and bold with our creations we want to tackle the existing problem of waste in the industry.

As a company we aim to do our bit for the planet in as many aspects of the business as possible. However we are realistic in knowing this may not always be possible. Made to orders and limited runs (as small as 5 units per size) are done in an effort to reduce the absurd amount of waste within the fashion industry. While knowing that not making anything at all is the best solution to end the waste, we love making good quality products that bring joy to you, the consumer. So we challenge you our customers to re wear and reuse are products in every creative way possible.