Rongdi Ma’s collection was originally inspired by her dissertation study about the history of glam rock and psychedelic rock society. Then she continued to develop her idea with focus on the psychedelic movement during 1960s. She has strong interests in pop art and psychedelic art, which could represent the spirits of counterculture and youth culture during that period. She aims to rethink and recombine music, art and fashion together in this collection to create a new version of “psychedelic dreams” in the modern society. The inspiration of psychedelic experience aims to express the discovery of infinite possibility of our imaginations.

During the process of developing ideas, Rongdi has researched artists and designers who have strong influences or played important roles during this culture movement. From their perspectives through their artworks, she would like to better understand the characteristics of times. She loves using collages and drawings to gather ideas and explore various design styles. Colour and material research are the most important part during her design process.

In this collection, Rongdi have discovered knitting techniques highlighting the contrast of color and yarn to create unpredictable and unique effects in both vision and tactility. The elasticity and flexibility of knit fabric created various effects by manipulating machine and craft making. The detailed textures and color combinations of each garment made the whole collection unique and personalized.

Rongdi is a knitwear designer who loves drawing and making illustrations. When she was designing this knitwear collection, she also created a series of illustration inspired by the same topic. She would like to use her drawing to show the uniqueness of psychedelic experience just like ourselves, while encouraging people to maintain a childlike innocence, personality and flying imaginations.