I am constantly questioning myself as to how I can create sculptural fantasies. For me designing is all about having the emotional connection, to dream and to escape from reality. My imagination allows me to transcend from the mundane into something that is exciting and innovative. There are elements of haute couture that I feel particularly drawn to such as the sense of freedom and individuality. By taking the time to focus and tailor the look I am trying to achieve one to one with the garment myself. I like to be engaged with every element from the first line of the pen to the final stitch. A fundamental concept within my work is to use modern techniques without losing the poetical values of my historical references and to twist the traditional with the unconventional.

When researching new ideas, the silhouette and structure exist as the significant key elements in my work; as I like to explore ideas around shape and form that dismiss convention and challenge conformity. Architecture is a form of art that I take inspiration from. I aim to blur the boundaries between fashion and architecture, with the idea that one can be a powerful source of inspiration for the other. I am frequently referencing back to architects Santiago Calatrava, with his project the ‘Swimming Pool’ and Coop Himmelblau with his ‘Avant-Garde’ style of building. Although there is a strong sense of architecture expressed in the sharp and dramatic angles of my designs, my philosophy is that the construction must be delicate and light. Furthermore, I enjoy analysing the extremes that have been applied to fashion historically, such as the frames and structures of the crinoline cage from the Victorian era and archived tailored corsets from the Elizabethan era.