Rosey Norman’s collection was inspired by the rich, luscious textures and colours of traditional still life paintings. This contrasted with the comforting and traditional qualities of pub decor. By contrasting these two traditional and conservative aesthetics, the collection was created in the aim to be more contemporary; creating new from the old.

During the development of the collection the silhouette was drawn from sleepwear throughout history, returning to the initial concept of comfort, and also the silhouette emerged from the fabric techniques and the best way to maximise the rich textures. Rosey introduced contrasting fabrics such as a glossy burgundy vinyl in order for the collection to remain contemporary and draw out the softness of the other fabrics. As sustainability is key to this collection all the printed fabric, block colour fabrics and the linings were made of recycled ejector seat parachute. Each parachute was carefully unpicked, sublimation printed and sewn back together in order to create a patchwork feel without the parachute being recognisable.

The collection flows from outfit one featuring mostly still life prints all the way to carpet printed outfits all the way to the final outfit six which is a culmination of the all the contrasting textiles; wadded knit, still life print, glossy vinyl and block colour parachute. This collection aimed to be a considerate collection, one that fit a variety of sizes, was thoughtful of where fabrics came from and utilising fully fashioned knit techniques and creative cutting to be less wasteful.