Rowan Carroll’s graduate collection ‘Clutter’ was influenced by objects found in her parents home that sparked feelings of nostalgia. Through her collection, she explored the notion of clutter and why we feel attached to small objects within the domestic space. These feelings were fabricated with pattern and colour.

Rowan's design process starts off with drawing and painting. The three still life paintings included objects that she selected to draw from her childhood home. These paintings became the foundation for the rest of her graduate collection, using the imagery and colour palette found within them. She wanted her designs to spark joy to the wearer in such uncertain times.

After the sketchbook process, Rowan begins to develop designs by using techniques like a collage. Due to the pandemic, most of the design process was developed digitally. She plays around with composition, scale, colour distribution and depth. The final fabrics samples were printed using a sublimation method on to a satin-poly fabric. The final collection consists of nightwear and silk scarves.