My aim is to use fashion as the regeneration process — a relentless evolution in space and time — of every single woman, each one being a unique parcel forming the community. I believe that this concept has more than ever its relevance regarding our current situation with the coronavirus worldwide — Society recovery and bounce back being dependant on the cohesion of individuals resilience in their own lifestyle habits.

I wish my final collection to be innovative, contemporary and environmentally aware. For this I use materials such as: neodymium magnets, recyclable resin, recycled 3D filament, bio-leather made from plants cellulose. I also make smart fabric choices in consideration of their place of production, the savoir-faire, the importation distance to europe, toxic dyes they may contain, fibres quality and their affiliation to certain norms.

The first, rather traditional, outfit is gradually getting transformed by little evolutions over the course of the journey, to a very deep regeneration level where the whole outfit is at the state of particles flying in the air in the shape of a chrysalis. I wish my first look to be confusing: something is strongly pulled away, triggering the sense of curiosity. The observer’s rationality is challenged by an anamorphic print illusion appearing in the instant, in the timeless. This garment illusion, taking the shape of a « too narrow » tailored jacket, can be seen only in a split second, from a specific angle of view as the model walks. Look two illustrates the tailor jacket starting to disaggregate one side into an old skin, which gives place to a newer skin underneath: 3D cells start to appear. Regarding my third look the drape of the tailor jacket can still be seen. The old cells disaggregating take the shape of the shirt pattern that was underneath, a flat plan unsticking from the body.Then the regeneration starts. In look four, the back side of the shirt has been pulled through the body and propelled to the front thanks to a « bas-relief » illusion, the back of the garment is now a hole. The remaining old shirt still sticks to the body, appearing in a thin black jersey. Thus, look five has lost the old black shirt that was underneath and is regenerating the bottom of the outfit. The petticoat slides on the body as if it was pulled from behind. Look six depicts the petticoat opening up on the world while starting to show its true nature thanks to the embroidery appearing on the hem and the top of the back. The garment is in fact pulled from behind and penetrates the body towards the back, forming a train where the end of the train reflects what used to be the collar of the initial garment. To conclude the show, look seven illustrates the dynamic of the regeneration, the cells that have been detached from embroidery holes in look six are now particles levitating around the body. They are forming a chrysalis in a gradient cells generation print that dives deep into the metaphysical body thanks to regenerated organza layers.