Rui Liu’s “Jewellnimals” collection is highly inspired by mother nature. These translucent, alien-like deep-sea creatures attracted her eyes deeply. A study of the parasite can affect the host's behaviour reminds her to think about whether jewellery has this ability as well. She starts to question- when you see a gorgeous necklace in a showcase that you desire to buy, have you thought that it controls you to do that because it wants to go home with you?When you find your ring is oxidized, have you thought that is actually its product of metabolite? When you couldn’t find your earrings anywhere in your drawer while you're certainly sure that you have put them there, did you ever think that it actually escaped by itself?

In this collection, Rui Liu made a set of Jewellnimals that is easy to put on but hard to take off. She investigates several structures for this function. At the same time, to make her jewellnimals more lively, she keeps her pieces diverse in shape, ranging from the streamlined body to dense tentacles, which adapt to the different human body parts such as hand, ear, neck, etc. So with their luminous appearance, jewellnimals can attract human beings to own them, to wear them, but it is not easy to get rid of them once they get on your body.

The use of mixed materials always appears in Rui Liu‘s works. In this collection, she combines industrial products such as resins, plastics, textiles, with precious metals to give audience a feeling from mysterious nature. She wants to give the buyers a feeling that buying a piece of jewellery just like adopting a small animal.