The collection explores the relationship with the clothes we wear and the sense of protection they give us. This originated from questioning the role clothing plays in everyday life. In the most basic sense, clothing protects us from the elements and keeps us warm and safe. But it also holds a strong emotional attachment.

Ruth plays with mixing functional clothing and objects such as sportswear and tents and the traditional art of knitting.

By taking inspiration from tents, sportswear and a beloved knitted jumper, the collection is designed to question our practical needs and explore the emotional attachment we have with our clothing.

Made with reused tents and giant rubber knitting, the collection mixes high-tech materials with minimalist cutting and intricate fabric techniques.

Ruth’s colour scheme emerged from the colours of old tents she’d collected. The raw, utilitarian beiges, browns and clear fabrics led her to a soft, natural colour scheme, allowing her subtle complements and a focus on detail.

One of the main fabrics for the collection is reused tent materials. The tents are made from high-tech coated cottons as well as an interesting range of waterproof plastics.

Taking inspiration from the act of knitting, Ruth took a closer look at the intricate patterns of knit stitches. She then recreated their beautiful networks in laser cut rubber, blown up into a larger scale.