Ruwanthi is a sustainable fashion and textile designer who explores traditional crafts and preserves such crafts and incorporate them into her designs to obtain environmentally and socially sustainable garments.

Her vision has been about exploring sustainable fashion avenues and practices since the very beginning of the degree. She seek to incorporate her Sri Lankan heritage and sustainable methods of ancient Sri Lankan culture to support slow fashion and to produce eco-friendly garments. Through her designs, she communicate the importance of timelessness and the slow movement; attempts to demonstrate that how a timeless garment could truly explore its life story and depth of design.

‘kǣli’, meaning pieces, celebrates the diminishing heritage craftsmanship in her region of Sri Lanka. She upcycles multiple types of end-of-roll and deadstock waste fabrics and secondhand clothing together through the use of patchwork, crochet, and handweaving. Combining these low-tech processes with high-tech Ozone bleaching and laser printing techniques to further transform the waste materials, Ruwanthi aims to create quality, timeless ‘generational garments’ that will have multiple wearers throughout their lives. Beyond traditional labelling, the collection includes transparency on the fabrics and how to recycle.