His initial inspiration for this collection was the 80's anime 'Vampire Hunter D' and the muse was Tess of the D'urbervilles. So he started to create a mood to depict a modern day Tess in Texas! She's young and a free soul. Like some of the female protagonists of the series Vampire Hunter D, she roams around desert meadows and oasis.

At this point for design inspiration, he looked at old photographs of cowgirls and farmgirls. A simultaneous research for this design project led him to corsets and boleros. In the design process, he deconstructed the straight lines of corsets and created curvy lines for a more playful and relaxed visual.

In terms of fitted boleros and long sleeves, he wanted to opt for a slightly voluminous silhouette, slashes across the sleeves, using Bangladeshi shawl hand embroideries as surface ornamentation. He has used both solid and see through fabrics for this collection, so the garments are more breathable and separate panels combined create blocks with different textures and colors.

Most trousers and pants of this collection have high slits on side seams, adorned with vintage sequins and silver french wire. To give these pants a more contemporary look with country culture, he has used eyelets to garnish specific parts of the trousers. Shirts and tops were inspired by draped saree and dupatta of Southeast Asian culture, accessories with bits of second hand traditional Bangladeshi junk jewelries.