Mariane Rech Henrique is a Brazilian designer who spent most of her adult life in Europe. She previously studied interior design and photography in Barcelona, before running her own design company, CIRANDA, Spain. Mariane ;later diversified into photography, filmmaking and fashion in France.

Her goal is to create perfectly finished bags that are both original and elegant, perfect for today's independent women. Mariane has hopes that every time a woman wears a SAKOLOKO, she will feel unique.

"My passion has always been to create, whether it's sets, furniture, jewellery, or even the stories I told my kids when they were young. I like to smell the air of the times, to play my imagination with the colours, to anticipate trends and to seek a new balance.”

“Naturally I wanted to play with several materials to make some handbags. I loved that and decided to start my own brand, SAKOLOKO."