A Collectors Collection by Sally Mankee is based on the world of antiques and curios, featuring six muses who quite literally wear their heart on their sleeves as each ensemble takes inspiration from their ephemera and most treasured possessions. Every outfit contains a rich tapestry of imagery, techniques and textures, emulating the charm of antique shops and eclectic nature of curiosity cabinets from days gone by.

Sally assigned a muse to each outfit, a fictitious character who embodied one particular area of collecting or type of item. This assisted in the design process by narrowing the focus of such a broad theme and let the inspiration and development of the ensemble inform one another. Alongside this, a great deal of experimentation, technical processes and complex construction methods ensured that the outcome embodied the spirit of the original concept of the collection.


Sally works to the maxim ‘more is more’ and enjoys blending many different styles and classic established silhouettes together, flirting with bad taste. She pays very close attention to the finish and details on every garment to ensure each one satisfies her high standards. Consequently, the aesthetic of A Collectors Collection is one of refinement and elegance, with a playful and naïve undertone running through each item.