Samantha Jayne Griffiths has an interest in problem solving, innovative design and sustainability. She has just graduated from the University of South Wales with a Ba honours in Fashion design.

She finds one passion and interests lie within the connection made between the wearer and clothing. She believes we use clothing as a way to express ourselves without saying anything at all: a silent message. As a designer she aspires to create a greener future, one step at a time by firstly not designing by season, but by collection. By designing a range that can change and adapt with you and current climate changes. Her current collections aim is to make women feel mentally and physically powerful at work, even if that just encounters the getting up, getting dressed and taking on another day.

Her collections constantly explore ways to incorporate a sustainable element, with this particular collection doing so through the adaptability of each garment. Creating a movement through circular fashion.

Using key themes from the era of 80s power dressing, Samantha explored various different techniques and fabrics to create power and strength through her concept, shape and silhouette. She also explored the concept of empowering women through simple aspects like embroidered secret messages.