When I was designing my first collection I didn’t look at it as a collection at first. Re-using old denim was always part of my designs and I wanted to bring it as a part of every design, Now when I look at my designs I can see them as big collection or two small ones. I want to include both. Of them here since they are linked to each other.

Denim Flowers Basics collection was born when I wanted to create something more simple for my website when it first opens, These designs are simple, cute and soft cut can be styled in many different ways. I added denim flowers to one piece and ended up adding them to every design.

Fee Denim Flowers collection is my second mini collection but can be seen as part pf the Denim Flowers Basics. This collection is inspired by fairytales and the beauty pf nature. I created it this summer so you can see more colours and brightness. I think my own personal style can be seen more in this collection.

Both collections use sustainable materials. Organic cotton is one of my main materials. I prefer GOTS- certification but some of the small places can’t afford it. I love to support small fabric producers but for the newest designs I used a lot of dead stock fabrics. All denim I use I get from my family and friends and thrift stores.

Everything I sell is made to order so my fabric quantities are small and the amount of fabric waste is very small. I collect all the fabric waste I can and create some pieces for myself from it.