Sara Locci is a 2020 graduate Womenswear designer with a deep appreciation for embroidery and textile manipulation. Originally from Italy, Sara moved to London to study fashion design, her passion since she was a child.

“What I like about fashion design is that it combines my love for creation and my never-ending curiosity. I am always very excited at the beginning of a project to research and learn more about my chosen topic, and expand my knowledge.”

Sara takes a great deal of inspiration from art, architecture and nature, although for her graduate collection she focused on fashion and sociology. “It bothers me how fashion is still viewed by some as a frivolity; I wanted to prove that fashion has meaning and importance. My research started by analysing the role that fashion plays in the construction of powerful identities today and in the past. I then focused my research on Queen Elizabeth I; I have always been fascinated by her persona and her extravagant fashion, and it soon became obvious that fashion was an essential instrument for the creation of her image and her political propaganda.”