Sarah Thompson explores the relationship the British farming community have to their clothing. The value in which they place upon practical attire and attachments they gain. Growing up within the remote North Yorkshire Moors, her clothing focused on practicality, durability and the ability to mend, alter and longevity often becoming sentimental.

Through this cycle of deconstruction snd mending came an accidental shabby signature aesthetic, which has formed by design signature and one that this collection has explore.

Through the acquisition of family remnant clothing, Sarah was able to deconstruct, mend and reform into brand new pieces. Working individually with each garment, she has applied surgical techniques to unwind each piece and merge into something new. Through this process, Sarah wanted to create an awareness of the technique to somehow establish a silhouette that celebrated these incisions and scars, through accent colours, bold adhesive vinyl and traditional print methods.

The outcome of this collection has become a labour of love and enabled Sarah to question her own role within the fashion industry to implement sustainable design methods.