Inspired by 1960s Space Race, the NEO FUTURISM collection reimagines the comic series, Barbarella and costumes designed by Paco Rabanne. Space Age fashion and spacecraft inform innovative silhouettes created using experimental pattern cutting. Denim and quilted PVC create structural elements in monochromatic colour to enhance the proportions of the body.

During the process, the idea of the collection was to ultimately have fun and create a futuristic space look. She looked into 60’s space crafts that were launched and looked into further detail into geometric curvature shapes, and developed the experimental pattern cutting shape from there. The curvature shape featured throughout the collection is a sculptural piece that is strong, sculptural, but also have a comic-like, yet, sexy approach to it, sculpting the female body and exaggerating it.

The collection has a strong running theme throughout, keeping the main focus on the structural shape, but also keeping the young, fun feel throughout. She kept the colour palette to black and white, to refer to the historical reference, but also to not to include colour to distract away from main focus. Sarah’s designs in the collection are all about being different and pushing boundaries, and all around fun. She wants the experimental pattern cutting to not only look strong on the garment, but for the woman wearing to feel strong, and powerful, as all woman should feel.