Sarish’s collection was inspired by a combination of art, bows, animation/cartoons and fashion icons.The first starting point was to look into an artist, she chose Yayoi Kusama and looked into her polka dot art, more so her infinity mirror art, where the idea of looking into space originated. Then going through her ideas she decided to link in The Care Bears. She focused the bears as the main idea of her print. David Bowie and Princess Diana were key fashion icons in history, until today have not been forgotten about and neither have their fashions faded. Her collection is inspired by some of David Bowie’s garments along with Princess Diana’s. She picked out on the bows on her garments; collaged bows onto Bowie’s garments to recreate a new look of bows and to overexaggerate the size, to create a fun, bright collection.

During the process of making, Sarish used traditional pattern cutting tailoring, adding femininity to the silhouettes but enhanced the patterns for the skirts and flared trousers to create a very voluminous, exaggerated look to fulfil the theme. The fabrics were chosen accordingly to the designs of the garments to insure suitability. The print was a huge part for the design on the garments and added uniqueness to the fabric such as the floral lace. Duchess satin and taffeta were the main fabrics used to recreate the essence of elegance to enhance the vividness of the print and colour.The print has a combination of inspiration behind it including Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors and polka dot art, along with The Care Bears and the baroque style frame all drawn into a motif repeated in range of bright colours and designs.

The collection has a bright, bold and playful theme. All the garments are cohesive to the theme and aren’t repetitive and show the uniqueness of the collection. The bold colours are very attractive to the eye and all blend well together yet are contrasting against the black background.The end result of the collection representing Princess Diana and David Bowie’s fashion has been portrayed with a new modern twist having a gala/party theme given through the style of garments.