Savvas collection 001, titled ‘as the lotus blooms’ is based on the narrative of uncovering deceit.

Inspired by themes of surreal biological reconfiguration, the project lives in an entirely interwoven world between fashion and film. the collection has been designed as season-less, with a focus put on the alchemy of creating avant-garde clothing with the human body in mind, as garments fulfil both an artistic sensibility and a wearable edge.


as the lotus blooms is a short experimental fashion film that follows the journey of a character called enya who finds themselves at a wellness retreat with no recollection of how they got there. fashion film is a relatively unexplored sector of the creative industry, especially in terms of narrative. lotus was first thought up after a discussion was had between members of the team, in which there had been a realisation that there's next to no crossover between narrative cinema and fashion, despite the fact that its a complete goldmine of untapped potential. narrative film needs inspiring visuals and fashion is made to be worn, to move and to be manipulated.


draping within menswear is rarely explored to its full potential, whilst fluidity through drape is a strong component to a savvas design, with a significant number of garments having originated from 3d draping and modelling, not flat patterns. the engineering process uses singular sheets of fabric that have been manipulated through a complex dart and pleating system. this system also allows for the creation of a fluid drape through the compression and release of volume within the fabric. the collection also features underlayers that play on techniques where the fabric wraps the body tight, or drapes loosely.

alongside the fluidity and natural from of the technically constructed pieces, there is a range of fabric and finishing developments that range from thermochromic garments designed to react to the body heat of the wearer, to use sew free and bonded fabric experimentation. the core of savvas’ ‘as the lotus blooms’ collection is creating beautifully fluid garments that focus on technical construction and placing this inside a surreal environments through working within the Interzone.