The core and foundation of Needs Theory are the needs of my people. The physical materials used as the source of each garment were free ‘trash’ collected locally - plastic rice bags from a sushi restaurant my friend works for to bubble mailers from a nursery material collection centre to bubble wrap from my friend's move and more.

The human need for certainty is the need for assurance that you can avoid pain and gain pleasure, safety, and security. My classmate voiced the need to be closer to home, a manifestation of the need for certainty. The soda can frame pins allow you to hold close reminders of what’s good in life. The rice bag shorts with closed-pockets and a detachable purse brings further certainty by securing your valuables on you.

The human need for uncertainty and variety is the need of going into the unknown, looking for a change, new stimuli, and adventure. Hop into uncertain adventures in a convertible jumpsuit, made of a rescued portable wardrobe cover and rice bags that keep you protected.

The human need for love and connection is the need for a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something: relationships and friendships. Get on some self-love and connection with a rice bag top and bubble wrap, rice bag, and dryer sheets shorts that hold you with love.

The human need for significance is the need of feeling unique, of value, important and special or needed. Physically take up space to internalize significance in the fit made of plastic rice bags.

The human need for contribution is the need for a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to, and supporting others: ‘the secret to living is giving’. My friend, Johanna, voiced the need to enact positive change in the world. One solution to doing so is by contributing a smile to those around you, wearing the contribution fit crafted of used bubble mailers and plastic rice bags.