Scarlett Dyer turned to the night sky, forest and fairies when designing her Spring/ Summer2020 collection, ‘Nightshade Fairies’. The collection is inspired by beautiful moments that happen in the darkness of night such as the moon, stars, and the mysterious beauty of the forest. She also took inspiration from fairies wings - they’re sheer and light - and many of her designs reflect this. This element inspires Scarlett to create bridal designs. Many of her streetwear designs show elements of bridal in them through fabric and silhouette.

Throughout the process of designing her collection, Scarlett merged luxury streetwear with traditional bridal elements, creating a new look for both bridal & streetwear. Her collection is very feminine, but it’s also dark and a bit mysterious. She used black, white and gold. The use of mostly sheer fabrics, flowing silhouettes and dark street edge perfectly reflects Scarlett’s modern bride/ fairy vibe.

This 11 looks collection is unified and cohesive, yet each piece shows different elements of design. Scarlett wants to project a sense of effortless ease with the way her garments fit and move - this collection is airy. At the same time, she hopes that people get a bit of an edgy street vibe from her looks. Scarlett’s ultimate goal is to create beauty in the world.