'The Excavation of Evolution' draws from Palaeoart, which is a fairly obscure art form. It is the product of science and art working hand in hand to create paintings and sculptures of prehistoric beings so the world can learn about long-extinct species. An ever-changing art, as new scientific revelation change how we see these beasts almost every day.  

Palaeoart is such a beautiful result of this collaboration. At the same time, Sebastian found, learning from past mistakes to create a smarter future. Which applies strongly, to our current social and political landscapes. Dinosaurs seem to be a great extinct symbol for the current affairs making history. To hoist dinosaurs into the realm of fashion Sebastian chose to introduce them to the photographer Irving Penn's work, because I want to create elegant garments for women to feel like a Queen. 

"Women always played a special role in my life, especially in my family. Therefore, my designs look to empower women with sophisticated and intellectual styles." With the design process, Sebastian developed a lot of new surfaces, through experimentation of different techniques. The materials have a delicate and luxurious character, while simultaneously being fun. The perfect couture for a strong, smart and elegant woman.  

Abigail played around with different scales and backgrounds to create prints that were youthful and fun.