“Trust your visions”

A paradoxical collection that incorporates multiple identities and escapes the rigorous 2021/22 categorical grids, was born as a manifesto against a consumerist society, enslaved by well-being and conditioned by advertising, endowed with structural imbalances and contradictions.

Focused on the punk culture of the 70s, the collection reflects a manifesto revisited in a modern key.Rough finishes, unusual materials and handmade prints distinguish the clothes that mix between a genderless and grunge aesthetic.

From this concept derives an in-depth research based on the covers of the various musical bands of the time, from which the chromatic scale of the collection develops.

Among the most frequent colors stand out: the energetic orange that blends with the ivory of the washed-out suede finish; the different shades of burgundy that alternate between corduroy and semi-glossy leather and finally the bottle green found in the suede in a duller shade and in the brocade upholstery fabric, in a more lively shade, which highlights the floral motif on the way of the fabric sewn inside out.

The choice of fabrics is mainly oriented towards the grunge aesthetic, there are: tartan in different motifs and compositions; various chamois; ribbed velvets in different sizes; semi-shiny leathers and furs.

A real journey into the utopian world of the reuse and reworking of materials, which manifests itself mainly in the reinterpretation of the connected press studs, which give life to a three-dimensional shirt that we immediately see become sleeves or trousers.

Genderless dresses are a concentrate of all the suggestions, styles and themes concerning the punk world, which we find in the eccentric details including: handmade sweaters with skipped stitches that recall torn and creased garments and tartan revisited in a modern key for coats and suits.

Everything can be together without fear of inconsistency or, above all, of a sense of proportion, the stratification, in fact, outlines a frequent note in the collection.

Garments assembled together, with leftovers, create hybrids. Like the compound kimono model coat, asymmetrical dresses or rough edges.

The entire collection seems to declare an unresolved fashion, a continuous search for its own dimension in the world, a hybrid that overcomes dualisms and dichotomies, which looks to the future by taking into consideration the past, the masculine and the feminine, the reinterpretation and reuse, the high and low, cultured and grunge.

A cosmopolitan mix and match that tells about different times and places and that testifies to today's variety, the fragmentation of unity and the celebration of authenticity.