Born and raised most of her life in Malaysia, Selina Kwong is a womenswear fashion design student currently based in London. Selina Kwong is a final year student at London College of Fashion, graduating this summer. Her interest in upcycling and modular design has grown throughout her journey at university.

Her work explores deconstructivism mainly through upcycling materials and masculine tailoring, but also romantic silhouettes that embrace modern femininity. The recurring themes that also emerges from Selina’s work are boxy masculine tailoring, glam rock, deconstructivism and women in surrealism. She also designs with modularity in mind, hoping her audience would value and feel more engaged with the garments themselves. Lastly, she manages to combine traditional processes with modern digital technologies, as she uses 3D software and 3D printing to create her own hardware, slides and buttons.