Seongmin Kim’s first collection pieces were under the theme of ‘Witchcraft’, the Live Project using the beads of the KONPLOTT company. She researched and inspired many historical archive books of ‘Witch’. Among them, she developed into witch’s equipment which all has a specific purpose to use it. By using the shapes of the tools and applying them to various parts of the body gets one step further to design.

Most of all, ‘Chalice’ was the most interesting object which represents the fresh of water. While researching various shapes of chalices, she designed her own amulet inspired by an amulet bell. Although the mid processes could be abstract, she tried to use as much research as possible to unravel her own drawings and collage works.

She did lots of invisible sketches and narrowed down the scope to decide the types of jewellery to make while arranging the pieces she like the most. By giving meaning to the neck, which holds the centre of the body, the necklace- shaped of neckpiece is chosen as the main collection piece. The detailed design begins with material research with the colour combinations.

When the final design is decided, go back to the initial research and remind some points with material that related to the impressive content. It is talisman jewellery that protects a vulnerable woman from bad luck and brings good luck by wearing a huge and magnificent necklace. The delicately crafted reddish beads express the drops of tears in a fragile woman’s heart.

Seongmin Kim’s other work is also a Live Project with Swarovski company which needs to use their crystal. Starting with the word ‘crystallise’ itself, the shape of the broken pieces was impressive, and at the same time the shattered pieces caught her eyes. As she was walking down the street, cracks on the floor were impressive to see how they are still well guarded in various forms at the location despite being fragmented.

When she developed the word ‘Crack’ and applied it to a person, it was similar to the deep meaning of wrinkles on the face. The beautiful value of wrinkles over time is expressed in colourful crystals. Wrinkles left on the face from life are the marks left only for own that cannot be replaced with anything else. The wrinkled shapes are also evidence of a stronger life ahead.

She valued the consciousness of observing the surroundings delicately and recognising it from a new perspective. Also, the work that is made by hand and takes time is more worthwhile.