The DAQAQ , Seong Min Koo’s first collection was about freedom. He wanted to make the fashion break the borders of the culture, nation, race. He started to research about people really different but same at some point. Car racing is one of the most extreme sports in the world. They are never afraid of speed and are dared to be challenged. Tribe Tuareg in Shara don't have nation or land which are the free man. So he tried to find true meaning of freedom from most free people in the earth.

The way of the Tuareg tribe wear the clothing is draping on their body to protect from the dust. Also, the sports wear for car racer is made for protection and movement. so he tried to translate the way of draping of tribe Tuareg to sports wear by his own way. Combining two different cultures in one Silhouette.

By using his own ethnical graphic to sports wear, he tried to suggest a new way of expressing freedom and break the boundary of two different cultures which are totally different.

This is Koos final collection line up. All of garments is based on racing sports wear using synthetic fabrics. However graphic and structure of garments are totally ethnical feeling from Tuareg tribe. By finding perfect balance between two different culture, i can sure that i found way of expressing there willing to be free, dare to challenged and never be afraid of showing true themselves. Keep creative and be free.