This collection comprises 6 exquisite tulle outfits. It combines soft yet layered tulle pieces with masculine military, upcycled jackets. It is a modern translation of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. This juxtaposing element represents the internal struggle women went through in Turkey in the time of the Ottomans, which is a subject she is fiercely passionate about and wanted to highlight. There was a life of war, the tiny wool combat jackets worn over the voluminous dainty, delicate tulle pieces represents armour that barely manages to protect the wearer. Her home city of Istanbul inspired the muted colours of painted sun bleached walls and knocked back structures with its streets and houses full of life and character. She chose to mute these colours as pastels would harmonise well with the tulle.

Sketchbook collages that were created during the research and development stage of the project 'The Ruffle Army’.

This stage of the design development she started focusing on her major skill draping on the stand. Experimented with different types of tulle to get a powerful silhouette. Seren’s strength lay in creating patterns from draping straight onto a mannequin because the spontaneity of the process excites her much more than drafting. She experimented with tulle because in terms of making an outfit look more feminine and beautiful. As such, she needed something like this to contrast against the sharp, solid features of Turkish military wear. On the other hand, the research was carried to develop a deeper understanding of the Turkish clothing culture in regard to the trends in the fashion and apparel industry and the transformation of the Islamic women as seen through the fashion models they embrace. Understanding why the Turkish women tend to prefer other clothing styles gives her adequate information to base her collection on as the aim is to address the difficulties they face and the fashion styles they would wish to adopt on occasions and a daily basis. This is important in capturing the needs of such Turkish women by providing a cultural-based collection that will also serve their various purposes for clothing and as a form of cultural identity.