Sergiu Bechian is basing his design philosophy on evolutionary principles like variation and inheritance. He is always looking to evolve ideas and to work on making things better. This exercise allows him to experience unexpected creative solution in the mathematics of the soul through experimenting and playing, while respecting the basic formula. In his case-the feminine silhouette. Sergiu Bechian’s crafts request as mathematics: rigour, meticulosity, precision, accuracy -all this mathematical thinking can be found in the decomposition and reconstruction, in the craftsmanship and artisanal aspect of his garments.

His aesthetic incorporates a fashion-forward style, which plays with volume, colour, and integrates artisanal techniques which gives the collections the level of craftsmanship and obviously it reflects the attention to detail.

The garments are complexly constructed and distinctly sculptural, traits which are undoubtedly influenced by mathematical principle able to translate into algorithms any structure and texture existent in nature.

The architectural passion and the quality of construction serve as the foundation of his designs and the perpetuation of craftsmanship ensures the long-term recognition of Sergiu Bechian’s work.