Kill King Thrushbeard ss2020 is a series of prints as puzzles. The idea is to have a poetic Chinese logic behind a Vaporwave-influenced aesthetic. As a sarcastic approach to the fact that western designers use oriental elements for superficial decoration, each of the prints starts from a British designer name without any deep understanding. With the detour thinking and literature-referencing logic from “SheFu”, the first print is “the MCQUEEN print.”

The MCQUEEN print is an intentionally failed mimic of the original Alexander McQueen floral skull motif. By substituting the original skull for Voldemort and the flower for William Morris wall paper, the mimic version brings in literary references and assimilation from the Chinese poetic logic.

According to the same logic, the second print is the VIVIENNE WESTWOOD print. Referencing the popular sci-fi novel The Three-Body Problem, the print shows a two-dimensionalized Saturn which is directly coming from the Westwood logo. Object dropping from three-dimensional to two will become flat yet broad, hence the endless black cross. The center is the crystalstruction of diamond.

As labelled above, the star dust background is captured by UniversalSandbox during a supernova explosion. Crystalised water and layers of Saturn are both designed according to the description in the novel.

The last puzzle is the STELLA MCCARTNEY print. The use of Animal Farm is a sarcastic approach to how Stella McCartney is a vegan company, and the fact that the company claims she cannot be filmed in a room with any animal product. Just like the story of Animal Farm, Stella McCartney started a revolutionary star, and ended up becoming another capital-oriented corporation. The suited pigs are coming from the plot in Animal Farm where the pig leaders are becoming just like their human predecessors. The composition is from a Beatles album cover for the McCartney last name helps establishing the brand.