Shanghai street style is exploding this year as the people in China are growing bolder and more experimental with what they wear. The event welcomed the SS18 collections and with it came the glamorous, the quirky and the spectacular.

Shanghai's best dressed sported an array of top trends from hip hop styling to Japanese Manga. We witnessed an array of distinguished clothing with immense attention to detail.

Bold and daring looks took to the street and it was interesting to see how the Western world played a big part in the garment choices through use of the internet and other designers studying overseas and bringing back with them their knowledge of fashion movements and styles. It was clear that the fashionista’s had acknowledged the importance of this and knew how to modify and enrich their personal tastes and looks through understanding.

Fashion Crossover creatively links the the East and the West by promoting and engaging with emerging designers in the fashion industry both in the UK and on the other side of the world. Many of our designers have studied internationally with leading designers who have a strong influence on the fashion industry in China. They have then returned back to their home towns, bringing with them a whole new sense of fashion and brimming with new, exciting ideas to work on.