Our Managing Director, Since Wang, was personally invited to the opening private press event of the White Show Milano in partnership with Shanghai Fashion Week by CEO, Brenda Bellei Bizzi on the 12th October.

Named “Style Routes to Shanghai,” the show presented a range of talented Italian fashion designers. We found it very compelling to see the Italian brands being brought to Shanghai, in the sense of developing their cultural lifestyle and showcasing luxury to the Chinese market.

A combination of exemplary craftsmanship and imagination linked with a continuously growing Chinese market creates a strong base for the fashion labels to grow and enhance their brand. The Asian market is responsible for a third of global luxury sales and with Shanghai quickly becoming a fashion capital, the strategic move to showcase in China creates numerous great opportunities for White Show’s designers and vice versa.

This initiative will then be integrated back to Italy as the White Show Milano representatives have fortified knowledge and experience when it comes to bringing buyers into Milan, therefore enabling them to promote Chinese brands internationally. This innovative, avant-garde approach and well-defined market positioning is what allowed White Show Milano to excel this year.

In comparison with White Show Milano, Fashion Crossover aims to support both emerging and established designers in their ambitions for international expansion and meeting amazing clients such as the trade commissioner, Amedeo Scarpa, allowed us to start creating a network, which will promote our brands so that the Fashion Crossover platform becomes a reference point to labels seeking global business opportunities particularly within the UK and China.

Being a bridge which creatively connects the East and the West provides us with a strong foundation when it comes to promoting and engaging our designers with the fashion industry both here and on the other side of the world.